About Iran Negin Travel

Company Name: Negin Parvaz Pars

Registration No: 358632


  • Ms. Fatemeh Jamshidi Nasab
  • Mr. Saeed Goli Haghighi
  • Mr. Mohsen Goli Haghighi

Central Office: No 145, Shahid Beheshti St, Tehran, Iran

Phone Number: +98 21-8878 3310


Our main target in to let our customers decide about every single component of their memorable trip to Iran, where you won’t forget …

We are an extended tourism group unified as Negin Parvaz group with 2 branches in Iran and 3 international branches abroad.

As an Iran tour operator we have focused on providing wide range of high quality Iran Tourism Services and  Iran tours. Through our tailor-made method the customer will decide about the whole components of the iran tours package. Our services includes every item within Iran Tourism Marke from Iran Visa to the ultimate services required by the passengers. 

Everything is so flexible to be changed in order to be the one that the customer exactly want.


Negin Parvaz Group

  • Sara Global Company in Sharjah
  • Sehab Travel Tour and Travel Agency in Bahrain
  • Ibn Firnas Travel and Tourism in Bahrain
  • Negin Parvaz Pars Tour and Travel Agency in Tehran
  • Chalipa Gasht Sepahan Tour and Travel Agency in Esfahan

In addition to the wide range of Iran tours packages including: Iran Eco tours  & Iran adventure tours,  Iran cultural tours, Iran tailor made tours and etc; we are providing a wide range of travel services from the most luxurious status to the budget ones.

We really care about our client’s satisfaction, as a matter of fact, we’re going to do our best to provide you the service in the best possible position.