Currency in Iran

The official currency of Iran is called Rial. Each USD$ equivalents to 33,000 Rials but this rate is not something firm. Another fact about Iran currency is that through daily monetary processes Toman is used as a substitution for Rial. Each Rial is 10 Toman.


Did you know that the printed currency & the currency which is used in daily life are different in Iran?

The printed currency is “Rial”, while the one which used in daily life is “Toman”; each Toman equivalents to 10 Rials. If you consider this exchange as something confusing, don’t worry, just put your finger on the last zero of the currency, in order to find out how much that is in Toman.


International Credit Cards in Iran

No international Credit Cards like MasterVisaDebit & also no international ATM or Travelers cheque can be used in Iran In one word we have no international financial communication system currently, so the traveler should have enough cash during the trip.

To avoid any problems it’s better to exchange your money to the Dollar or Euro before your journey to Iran.


Exchange money in Iran

Pay attention that some of Iran hotels or handicraft shops are ready to receive dollar or euro but the exchange rate will be set by them, so it’s better for you to exchange your money through the money-changings not through the bank as the rates are different.


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