This incredible tour will take to a very different zones in Iran in where you can find out about the diversity of the climate in Iran. We start our tour by welcoming you in Tehran. During the next days we'll explore the historical Alamut Castle where was the origin the Assassins decades ago, Roudkhan Castle, Masal and Masoule Villages. After that we'll head to the Caspian sea and visit the city of Rasht, the capital of Gilan province. The last site in the north of Iran is going to be the Anzali Lagoon, which is a huge coastal lagoon in the Caspian Sea.
After visiting these awesome and rare locations we go back to Tehran.
At the last day we complete our tour by visiting the pending sites in Tehran waiting for us.
If you are a nature lover this tour option or ... can be your best options.

Every of this tours can be mixed with our cultural tours in order to go deeper in Iran and know it better.

Green North

Daily Activity Arrival to Tehran. You will be met and greeted at the airport and transfer to the hotel to rest.

Overnight Tehran

Daily Activity Tehran city tour including: National Museum, Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Tehran Great Bazaar. Evening transfer to Qazvin

Highlights National Museum- Golestan palace- Tehran Grand Bazaar

Overnight Qazvin

Daily Activity Its our turn to visit Alamut Castle, a fortress built during the 11th Centruy by Assassins. After exploring this remarkable castle and its untold history we'll continue our journey to Masoule Village. On the road we visit the Rudkhan Castle which is military complex built by Sassanid Empire (224-651). After this unique excursion its time to get to Masouleh village.

Highlights Alamut Castle- Rudkhan Castle

Overnight Masouleh

Daily Activity Our day start visiting the beautiful village of Masouleh, where the building are interconnected and built into the big mountains. After hours of walking in Alleys and making some photographies of this peaceful village we'll take the road to the village of Masal.

Highlights Masouleh- Masal

Overnight Masal

Daily Activity After an enjoyable sunrise watching in green Masal we start our trekking in the mountainous zone. Later we have some local food and enjoy watching the awesome landscapes from the altitudes. We continue our journey to the city of Rasht.

Highlights Masal Village


Daily Activity Our day starts with visiting the Saqalaksar Lake which is a very beautiful lake surrounded by tall trees in where we are going to relax and enjoy the photography. Our next destination is the Guilan rural heritage museum in where you can have a brief review of Guilan rural architecture and structural concepts and Guilan culture and customs. Our journey continue by being transferred to Anzali Lagoon

Highlights Saqalaksar Lake

Overnight Anzali

Daily Activity Today we visit Anzali Lagoon which is a coastal lagoon in Caspian sea. Once there we'll enjoy watching the landscapes and the local people fishing there. Depending on the weather we can do some acitvities in this huge lagoon as boat riding to the middle of the lagoon. Later we'll go the beach in order to explore the Caspian sea. Evening transfer to Tehran

Highlights Anzali Lagoon


Daily Activity As the final day of excursion today we'll visit Niavarn Palace located in the northern zone in Tehran. This beautiful palace and the other buildings next to it in this big complex were built by Qajar dynasty and was used by Pahlavi. After discovering this palace we will move to a bigger complex in the same zone named Sa'd Abad complex. This huge complex contains many historical buildings and palaces surrounded by a very green garden whitin tall trees. Sa'ad Abad complex was also built during Qajar Dynasty and expanded by Pahlavi. During the last monarchy the main palace was used for the ceremonial events and right now is being used for welcoming foreigners presidents and ministries. Later we visit Tajrish Bazaar and do some souvenir shoppings. Before getting back to the hotel and as a final plan of the day and the tour, we are going to explore the Nature Bridge which was designed by Leila Araghian, a young and talented Iranian Architect.

Highlights Niavaran Palace- Sa'd Abad Complex- Tajrish Bazaar- Nature Bridge

Overnight Tehran

Daily Activity We'll accompany you to the IKA airport (Tehran International Airport). Departure flight.

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