Iran tours

Don’t miss traveling to Iran, the land of varieties, if you want to form an unforgettable trip experience for yourself. By 5300 years of glorious historical record and embracing 21 UNESCO World Heritages, Iran is a true historical destination to visit. Through Iran Negin Travel historical tours you'll have the opportunity to visit the brilliant monuments of the former Persia.

World Heritage Tour


Eco and Adventure Tours

High amount of adrenaline through mysterious natural regions of Iran, is an important character of adventure tours. These specific tours will be done by expert teams which will provide you safe and enjoyable moments. The majority of these tours have been planned through valleys, canyons, waterfalls and mountainous regions.

Eco-tours are consist of wide range of natural features including the excursions through evergreen forests, walking along deserts, winter sports through the mountains and safari tours.

Eco and Adventure Tours




Historical Tours

If you are interested to find out the highlights of Iranian former civilization and architecture, just go through the historical tours. Some specialized tour packages have been provided through historical tours including UNESCO world heritage tours, just emphasizing on the registered sites. Through this type of tour packages, some special ones are a mixture of historical features and cultural ones.

Cultural Tours



Tailor Made Tours

Through the form below, you can provide us with the information about your interests and expectations as a trip which is going to be designed for you, exclusively. Don’t miss telling us every single matter which can make your trip more enjoyable.

Tailor Made Tours



Mixed Tours

In addition to the mentioned tour types,every tours on our website can be mixed with each other. We are also honored to offer any tour within Iran along with tour in some neighboring countries such as Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Turkeministan. Our partners in these countries guarantee us to offer the best possible services to our clients.