Iran Visa Information

It’s all about the Iran visa!


When you decide to travel to Iran, Iran visa is the first step you need to have in mind. Like all other countries, Iran visa has various types which are: Iran tourist visa, Iran entry visa, Iran student visa, Iran transit visa, Iran business visa and Iran diplomatic visa.

The most commonly applied visa is Iran tourist visa for which you can contact us and we’ll help you to apply for Iran visa and provide you the Iran visa authorization number within you can go to the nearest Iran embassy which has been advised by you upon your request.

Iran visa is also available on arrival for the most nationalities who will travel to Iran by having the visa authorization number prior to their arrival provided by an Iran based travel agency.

There are two main ways to go through the process of Iran tourist visa issuing:

    - Obtaining the Iran visa through Iran – based agency

    - Airport visa obtain for some nationalities

To obtain the Iran visa through an Iran – based agency, you need to provide the following documents:

1. Online Iran visa application form

2. Scan of the main page of applicant’s passport (which must be valid for at least 6 months from the departure date from Iran).The passport copies must be clear and completely legible in PDF format and with the best possible quality to be qualified for MFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

3. American passport holders should provide a CV


The visa process


As soon as receiving your documents, we apply for your Iran visa and in about one week to 10 working days, the positive or negative result will be announced. As the issuance, an 18 digit code called authorization code will be given to you.

The Authorization code is valid for 3 days after the time that you receive it and it’ll be valid just for 25 days later.
Notice after 25 days it’ll be expired and you can’t use it anymore.

By the code that you have received, you should refer to a collection point to stamp your visa and receive it.The collection points can both be Embassy/Consulate or one these 5 International airports

   - IKA Tehran International Airport

   - SYZ Shiraz International Airport

   - IFN Isfahan International Airport

   - MHD Mashhad International Airport

   - TBZ Tabriz International Airport


Pay attention that if you have chosen one these airports as the collection point, your Iran visa will be valid for up to 30 days and it can be extended.

The Visa process for American, British & Canadian passport holders

    - It takes 30 to 90 days to generate the authorization number

    - They should be joined in a guided tour package.

Please notice the needed documents in order to refer to the embassy or airport

   1. Your original passport (Without the Israeli entry stamp)

   2. 2 pieces of photos, the one which is used on your passport.

   3. Cash

   4. Tickets

   5. Travel Insurance

Don’t forget to check the website of the embassy that you are going to collect your visa or call them in order to ask whether your authorization code is received or not.


Consular fee


The money that the clients must pay to the Iran embassy in which will receive their visas, it covers embassy paperwork costs. This fee varies depending on your nationality.

The fee for the Iran visa authorization code is depending on your nationality also and it will be paid to the agency prior to your arrival. Normally this service is free if other services have been requested.

You can find bellow the actual visa fee for those who want to visit Iran:


Nationality Fee/ Euro Nationality Fee/ Euro Nationality Fee/ Euro Nationality Fee/ Euro
Algeria 30 Estonia 75 Malawi 60 Senegal 50
Argentina 70 Fiji 55 Malt 75 Sierra Leone 120
Australia 145 Finland 75 Mexico 45 Singapore 75
Austria 75 France 75 Moldavia 70 Slovakia 75
Bahrain 10 Gabon 75 Mongolia 70 Slovenia 75
Belarus 25 Germany 75 Morocco 30 South Africa 80
Belgium 75 Ghana 75 Nepal 40 South Korea 50
Bhutan 30 Greece 75 Netherlands 75 Spain 75
Bosnia 50 Guinea 75 New Zealand 150 Sweden 75
Brazil 80 Guyana 60 Niger 45 Switzerland 75
Bulgaria 75 Hong Kong 80 Nigeria 55 Taiwan 100
Cameroon 60 Indonesia 45 Norway 75 Tajikistan 30
Chad 100 Ireland 75 Oman 75 Thailand 75
Chile 120 Island 75 Palestine 45 Tunisia 45
China 100 Italy 75 Panama 55 Turkmenistan 60
Croatia 50 Japan 60 Paraguay 50 UAE 100
Cuba 75 Kazakhstan 70 Philippine 55 Uganda 100
Cyprus 75 Kenya 60 Poland 75 Ukraine 80
Czech 75 Kuwait 60 Portugal 75 Uzbekistan 70
Denmark 75 Libya 30 Qatar 75 Vietnam 100
Ecuador 40 Lithuania 75 Romania 75 Yemen 40
El Salvador 60 Luxembourg 75 Russia 70 Zambia 70
Eritrea 40 Macedonia 50 Saudi Arabia 30 Zimbabwe 45



Airport visa


Another kind of visa that Iran travelers can obtain is airport visa. Within this kind of visa, nationals of some countries that introduced by the ministry of foreign affairs, are allowed to get a two-week tourist visa upon their arrival to Iran, at one of the main airports of Tehran (IKA), Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz and Isfahan airports. It can be extended to other 2 weeks based on the decision of representative of the ministry of foreign affairs. (Police intelligence office)

Airport visa is not the recommended option because

    - 5% of rejection always exists.

    - The airline may not let you board the plane without the visa.

    - The tourist needs to stay long hours in the airport to receiving this kind of Iran visa.

    - It will be valid for maximum 30 days and it can be extended.



Iran Visa Waiver


Iran has visa waiver agreements with some countries whose citizens can stay in the country for determined time without needing Iran visa. Those countries include Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Egypt, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Malaysia, Armenia and Venezuela.Recentely China has joined the list and now the Chinese citizens can travel to Iran without visa.



Important Notice


Iran Negin Travel team is available 24/7 to attend your requests and support your adquired services.

  1. Our team will provide the exact data from you to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to get your visa authorization code.

  2. The cancellation policies has to be consulated upon the request

  3. US, UK and Canada passport holders needs to be inscribed in a fixed itinerary tour.

  4. Travelers whose applications have been rejected before can’t get airport visa and they need to apply again.

  5. The applicant has to specify in which Iran consulate or Iran airport is going to collect his/her visa. Once the data is registered it's not possible to do any modification.

  6. There's no such thing as Iran E-Visa! Iran visa is always stamped into your passport.