The second largest Iran’s city, Mashhad, historically known as toos, has been the birthplace of Ferdowsi, the famous poet during the Sassanid empire who was the author of Shahnameh also known as "The book of Kings", is the longest epic poem written by a single poet. Mashhad is also well known for religious reasons.

Mashhad welcomes to 27 million tourists every year

Mashhad has one of the greatest tourism infrastructures throughout the country, as it welcomes to near 27 million tourists every year. With no doubt, it is the major and also the most important religious destination of Iran while it has also many great historical and cultural features. During the historical alterations, regarding to the vicinity of Mashhad to the eastern borders, it had been affected by many occurrences.


Mashhad provides a wide range of health facilities

In addition to historical and religious features, some forest parks and amusement complexes are available to be used by the tourists.

Providing a wide range of health facilities, is another bold attraction which has been caused the growing flow of the passengers who are traveling with health care purposes. By embracing many specialist hospitals providing wide range of specialist health care from professional heart surgeries to flawless nose jobs and hair transplant.


Why should travel to Mahshad?

Rich and powerful tourism infrastructures in this religious city provides the services in a wide range of levels to cover all types of tourists referring to Mashhad for different tourism types and purposes. People are really accustomed with the appropriate communication method to the tourists, so there is no need to be worry about entering to a religious city like Mashhad as hospitality with being so helpful is a tangible feature of Mashhad citizens.




Of Mashhad