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Iran Negin Travel is the birth child of Negin Parvaz Pars, established early 2008 in Iran with a mission of enriching the inbound tourism market in Iran by giving distinguished services to “you” being a unique passengers from anywhere around the world thinking to visit Iran.

After a decade full of outstanding achievements in various fields of tourism, such as being the General Sales Agent (GSA), providing biometric services to visa applicants from India and Denmark, and having offices in various cities in Iran and offices In the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, we have become one of the most powerful and prestigious agencies operating in Iran.

A team of young intelligent and enthusiastic individuals with pioneering visions towards inbound initiated our Inbound department with loads of distinguished products with focus on experiential and peoples tourism. They all share one fate “grate love for Iran” + “great respect for arriving tourist”.

Whatever is your taste or desire, exotic or adventurous vacation, luxury or budget trip, cultural or Eco tours, Nomad and Experiential tours Iran is the right place, Iran Negin Travel can arrange your dream trip as solo, couple or group, our team will be happy to listen to your dream journey and make it come true.

Be Iran Khosh Amadid.. “Welcome to Iran” is our one simple phrase to welcome you from the moment you contact Iran Negin Travel until you complete your trip to Iran.

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Sinem Gürsoy

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Juan Jimenez

Un viaje excepcional para mí y mi esposa durante la cual tuvimos la oportunidad de descubrir el antiguo Persia. Nuestro viaje a Irán se concreto&nbsp... Read More ...


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