Have you ever imagine the possibility of feeling the majority of a territory’s tourism features within one state of it? Tehran is a true representative of Iranian modern life while embracing the richest pieces of evidence of Iranian history, culture, and architecture through many wealthy monuments expressing the glory of Iran’s former talent through the past eras.

Tehran is the city of museums which are considered as great sources to prove the real glory of former Iranian lifestyle.

Based on geographical regions, Tehran can generally be divided into two parts including northern part and the southern one. Northern Tehran which is a calm region with cool weather shows the modern life floating in Iran’s capital; while Southern Tehran is a crowded region with a mass quantity of people who are both working and living there.


Tehran is also a representative of the whole Iranian natural concept. Different geographical regions of this wonderful city have significant features embracing snow-covered ski resorts, evergreen forest parks, and hot & dry parts. The more you get close to the northern parts of the city, the more pleasant and fresh climate will be tangible; this fact have been occurred based on perching the majority of governmental and politician centers, in the vicinity of Tehran city center.


Tourism infrastructures of Tehran are considered as one of the richest ones throughout the country. All types of hotels in most regions are available to be used by the tourist’s while all kinds of public transportation including subway, bus, taxi and private cars are available in each city’s spot.

Tehran embraces the greatest Iranian international airport namely IKEA. Many international airlines land in this extended airport every day, moving a mass quantity of passengers. All domestic flights are landing in Mehrabad airport which is located in the city center of Tehran.

The central branch of our great tourism company, Iran Negin Travel, is located in Tehran which has eager to provide you with each needed touristic facilities, in terms of necessary.



Of Tehran


Of Tehran