Qazvin is one of the greatest cities locating in western part of Iran as the provincial capital of Qazvin province. Through the Safavid dynasty, it was the territory’s capital for 57 years, so it has many marvelous monuments and historical museums.


The most ancient Qazvin monuments

The most important components of this brilliant city are art, science and a totally clean environment. Qazvin is the great capital of Iranian calligraphy and among the whole reputable calligraphers, Mir Emad Qazvini can be mentioned. In order to mention the most ancient Qazvin monuments Qajar Bath, Chehel Sotun palace and Imamzade Hosein Shrine, are the one with shines bright like a diamond.


Did you know that Sepah is the first street founded in Iran, has been built in Qazvin?

The country’s first modern street, Sepah Street, was built in Qazvin. The city has two monuments which were built by the Russians: the Ballet Hall, which was built before the First World War and is now used as the Qazvin Municipality, and Kantour Church or the Bell Tower, which was built during the Second World War.


Qazvin is an important city among the whole Iranian cities 

In terms of the critical location of Qazvin it is considered as the connecting spot of northern and western zones of Iran and also vicinity to Iran’s capital, embracing industrial cities and important universities; Qazvin is an important city among the whole Iranian cities. Alamout (Eagle's Nest), the mountain fortress used as a stronghold in the 11th century by Hassan Sabbah and his gang of Hashshashin or Assassins against the ruling Seljuqs, is located just outside the city.


Qazvin is chosen as the cleanest Iranian city

Based on the settlement of vice President and head of EPA, Qazvin is chosen as the cleanest Iranian city by embracing more than 4,000 hectare of gardens with pile of green trees.

Qazvin is the birthplace of several prominent scholars, poets and calligraphers including linguist Ali Akbar Dehkhoda, who authored the first modern Persian dictionary, poet and musician Aref Qazvini and calligrapher Mir Emad.



Of Qazvin