Chahkooh Valley

Chahkooh valley is located in Qeshm Island, Hormozgan. Chahkooh valley or Chahkooh canyon is located in 70 kilometres from city of Qeshm and next to “Chahoo Sharghi” (Eastern Chahoo) village.

It’s believed that Qeshm Island has seven wonders, and in the recent years more adventurous tourists have been eager to find out about the gems of the southern parts of Iran. So while you’re at it, make sure to put aside a sufficient amount of time to explore one of those seven wonders of Qeshm Island.

Chahkooh valley with a depth of 100 meters shows us the erosion of sedimentary rocks and is part of Qeshm Island’s geo park which has also been approved by UNESCO.Chahkooh valley’s name is thought to be originated from years far far away, and refers to the four wells that have been dug in the heart of the valley by the local people. Local people used to dig wells to reach to the sweet and freshwaters down below. Due to hot and dry weather of the area, sweet and fresh water is of high importance. 


Specifications and characteristics

 With the depth of 100 meters, Chahkooh Canyon is a display of sedimentary rocks erosion. This valley amazes the tourists with its holes, nature made halls, and astonishing figures on its walls that surrounds them.Chahkooh valley is located in the heart of a monolith mountain, which is cross shaped. At first Chahkooh valley looks wide to the eye of the audience, but gradually the width decreases to the point where it is hard for a person to pass, while the tall walls are still surrounding them.Parallel erosion lines, niche looking walls, holes and also the rocky gutters, at the bottom of the canyon, impress every visitor.Chahkooh is a valley of various holes, niches, figures and masses, water wells and rocky gutters that have been created by winds, pouring rains and intense sunlight.Wind, rain water and heavy rains are the main reasons in creation of the holes in the walls of the valley.

 The rocks of Chahkooh Canyon contain lime and sodium bicarbonate. The acidity of rain water melts the rocks, and as a result holes are created. These holes have been growing bigger in the past few million years and have turned into halls and porches of nature. Chahkooh valley has four canyons, in some places these canyons come closer together and create a passage with less than half a meter width.The material of Chahkooh’s rocks are calcareous rocks of Zagros which belong to one of the three types of rocks that exist in nature: Sedimentary, Igneous, Metamorphosis. North to south entrance of the valley is wider and less steep, and resembles a “U”. As we head to the south, it gets narrower and the slope increases and resembles a “V” shape.The material of the walls is of weak calcareous rocks. And because they contain red maroon, silt and lime, intensive erosions have happened.Near Chahu village, on northern side of western part of the Island, two perpendicular valleys with vertical walls can be seen, which shows pseudo-karstic morphology.At the bottom of one of the valleys, deep and shallow wells exist for the storage of running waters and are used by the local people.


Routes to get to Chahkooh Canyon

 To visit this wonder on your travel to Iran, you must first get yourself to Hormozgan province, Qeshm Island via airplane, or take the train to Bandar Abbas, and take a lodge to the Island. When you reach the Island, take the western road of Dargahan square, after 20 kilometres you will get to Chahu village, and in less than a kilometre you can see the valley of Chahkooh.


For Island adventure lovers and those who are interested in different type of tourism, visiting places such as Chahkooh canyon is very interesting amusement. Persian islands always offers very good activities during all days of the year to the tourists who visit Iran.

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Chahkooh Valley

Chahkooh Valley


Additional Information

Opening Hours

08:00 - 19:00

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200.000 IRR