Kermanshah Shafei Mosque

The Shafei Jame Mosque is one of the hidden beauties of Kermanshah located on the way to the Kermanshah bazaar called Tarikeh in the city center. This Sunni mosque was built in 1945 in Turkish style on a 1060 square meter base. Passing through the Tarikeh bazaar, you can notice the five dazzling domes and minarets of the Shafei mosque and the impressive architecture that any visitor will fall in love with. Shafei Mosque along with Taq-e Bostan and Bisotun are the tourist attractions of Kermanshah.


Shafei Jame Mosque architecture

Shafei Mosque is one of the most important architectural projects of the past, and has become one of Iran's religious masterpieces. The application of Islamic architecture inspired by Ottoman mosques has been the reason why the interior of the mosque is wonderfully decorated with the verses of the Qoran. The huge domes, the pointy minarets, the amazing interior decoration with detailed paintings, beautiful monograms and pillars are the examples of the Turkish style on which the architecture of the Shafei mosque has been based. Furthermore the tiles used are of various colors and the windows of the mosque are covered with beautiful colorful panels. The spectacular and tall domes and minarets of the mosque further enhance the rise of Kermanshah. The main structure of the mosque is made of metal and is made of a multiplicative arch system. The exterior is covered with white travertines. The mosque consists of a dome and an old minaret and two simple gold and gold minarets with a height of approximately 9 meters, which are installed on top of the mosque's endowment building on the south side.

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Kermanshah Shafei Mosque

Kermanshah Shafei Mosque


Additional Information

Opening Hours

10:00 - 18:00

Admission Entrance

200.000 IRR