Soltaniyeh Dome

Soltaniyeh Dome is the third largest dome in the world in the city of Soltaniyeh just over 40 kilometers from Zanjan. Soltanieh Dome, where the tomb of the eighth king of the Ilkhanate dynasty, Öljaitü, is located, was inscribed as the seventh World Heritage Site in Iran by Unesco in 2005. The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence and Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul have larger domes than that of Soltaniyeh. According to archaeologists and historians, this dome was built around 1302 BC. The Soltaniyeh Dome is without a doubt Zanjan main tourist attraction along with the Salt Men Museum, Zanjan Grand Bazaar, Katale Khor Cave and etc.


History of dome of Soltaniyeh

The Ilkhanate dynasty (Mongols) were the ones who brought down the Safavid dynasty after invading Iran and violently destroying the most important cities in Iran and turning them into ruins. Fortunately they decided to make up for a small part by rebuilding some buildings like the Soltaniyeh dome. King Arghun, the seventh king of Ilkanato, chose Soltaniyeh as the summer capital of his empire but his son, Öljaitü, established it as the main capital and ordered to build this dome in order to gather the remains of the great characters of Islam on this site, which was canceled after having a dream about it.


Architecture of dome of Soltaniyeh

Soltaniyeh dome is 25.5 meters in diameter and 49 meters high and according to experts it would weigh about 200 tons. This complex was designed in Azeri style and has eight minarets placed at equal distances around the dome, eight Iwáns that enclose Soltaniyeh dome which is the oldest two-layer dome in the world. Öljaitü's tomb is located in a separate Iwan next to Soltaniyeh dome. According to the architects, some three thousand workers must have worked for ten years to build this work of art. Huge renovations have been made to this complex in recent years.


During your visit to Iran, do not miss the opportunity to visit Zanjan and Soltaniyeh dome, which is one of the items on the "What to visit in Zanjan" list and is also normally included in Zanjan and Iran tour packages. , especially on Iran cultural tours. Although it is a historical site, normally Iran tour operators such as Iran Negin Travel include Soltaniyeh Dome on their eco-trips to Iran, adventure trips to Iran, religious trips to Iran and etc.

Our cultural tours to Iran are mostly the option to explore the Soltanieh Dome in Zanjan.





Soltaniyeh Dome

Soltaniyeh Dome

Soltaniyeh Dome


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