Yazd Old Town

On July 9th, 2017, within the 41st World Heritage Committee which was held in Krakow, Poland; the committee announced a new site on UNESCO World Heritage List which was so surprising for the whole Iranians especially, residents of Yazd.

After many years of waiting, Yazd has been registered as a UNESCO World Heritage. It is the first city of Iran which was nominated for registration.

Yazd has many breathtaking features and ancient attractions as the largest settled adobe city all around the world, embracing many ancient and historical sites, being the home to ancient Persian Ghanat and Persian Garden (Dowlat Abad Garden) registered as UNESCO World Heritage.

Not only for the adobe architecture, but also for Zoroastrian Fire Temples and the sublime ancient wind catchers which was founded and used as natural cooling systems within the former ancient times, Yazd is considered as a gem among the whole Iran highlighted attractions.


Yazd Old Town Survival

Yazd is located through the central part of Iran and with no doubt was faced too many historical occurrences, wars, dynasty alterations and so on; but fortunately, it has survived during these long times and now the whole ancient structure of the city is UNESCO World Heritage. As the main power of maintenance, Yazd residents have done many efforts to help the ancient part be survived.

Yazd old town, is always full of tourists of all nationalities, in a way that it is difficult to find local people in the alleys and restaurants. Although the weather in Yazd is dry and hot during 9 months of the year, but the hotels are always full of tourists.

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Yazd Old Town

Yazd Old Town
Yazd Old Town


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