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The Easter break of 2019, I travelled to Iran, all by myself, for the very first time. I was really worried, since it was my first ever trip without my parents, but all of my worries vanished when I arrived to Tehran. There I was met with the lovely staff of Negin Parvaz. They were very warm-hearted and made sure that I felt comfortable at all times. They treated us(I was with a group of other people) to dinner, took us to not only tourist places, but also places only an Iranian living in Iran would know about.
Kashan was probably my favorite part of the tour. We visited these lovely old buildings with beautiful handcrafting all over them. We had a guide that took us around the houses and told us the stories behind them. I easily get bored of such things, but I loved every second of it, because the guide kept it interesting and made me want to keep listening.
I would write about my whole trip if I could, but all in all I had the best time of my life, and I definitely have plans to travel to Iran again, as long as it is with Iran Negin Travel.