Badab-e Surt

Badab-e Surt is a natural site located between the cities of Semnan and Sari, in Mazandran province. 95 Km from Sari and 4.3 kilometres from Orost village.

It consists of naturally formed stepped travertine terraces, which has taken thousands of years to be created. Water from two mineral hot springs would cool down and deposited carbonate minerals on the mountainside.

This Badab (Stairway Springs) is one of the most beautiful and favourite places of Kiasar region, which consists of various springs containing different types of water in terms of color, smell, taste and density.

Badab-e Surt combination in Persian is interpreted as this. Bad means “Gas”, Ab means water. Gassed water which refers to the spring waters being carbonated mineral waters. And Surt is the old name for Orost Village.

Flowing water from the two springs have deposited a sedimentary rock, and formed the travertine terraces of Badab-e Surt. The formation happened during Pleistocene and Pilocene geological periods. The travertine is made from jelly like Iron carbonate and calcium carbonate deposits, which has eventually hardened.

The waters of these two springs emanated from the mountain range and were combined which resulted in red and yellow colored pools and formed the shape of staircase over the course of thousand years. Northern vegetation consists of Pine trees and to the east they are limited to short trees and shrubs. Look to the west and you can see rock quarries.



Badab-e Surt’s consists of two different mineral springs with different characteristics, located 1840 meters above sea level. Here are the characteristics of these springs:

First Stairway Spring: The first spring water is very salty that gathers in a small natural pool. The diameter of the pool in 15 meters and is used for swimming during the summer. The water has medicinal properties, and it’s occasionally used for rheumatism, skin diseases and migraine headaches. Due to high salinity of the water, it does not freeze during the winter.

Second Stairway spring: Iron oxide sediments have covered around the spring, which has given it an orange color. The water of the this spring has a sour taste due to the Iron oxide sediments.


Best time to go to Badab-e Surt

During spring, especially April and May, tourists and visitors can grasp the beauty of the springs, the surrounding mountains and forests. The most breathtaking scenes and views of this place, are the views of sunsets and sunrises, especially when the sunlight reflects in the pools.


How to go to Badab-e Surt

These are the routes you can take to go to Badab-e Surt .

1st Route: Tehran to Semnan, then to Mehdishahr and Shahmirzad and after that to Orost village where is located Badab-e Surt

2nd Route: Tehran to Sari and from there to Kiasar and then Orost village where you can find Badab-e Surt

From Semnan and Sari to Orost village, the roads are completely smooth, but the road from this village, heading to the east to Badab-e Surt, are not paved.


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Badabe Surt

Badabe Surt


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