Blue Mosque Tabriz

Each city in Iran has mosques that exhibit the historical and art of the region where the city is located. The blue mosque of Tabriz, also known as the Kabud mosque is the most important mosque in Tabriz. The blue tiles used in the design of the structure make this mosque known as the blue mosque. Kabud Mosque is located just minutes from the Azerbaijan museum in the tourist center of Tabriz.

The blue mosque is recognized as a mosque different from those in other cities and historians consider it as one of the valuable works of art of Persian and Islamic architecture. The magnificent works of mosaic, calligraphy and various patterns are dazzled with the turquoise color of the mosque that has an impressive reflection.


History of the Blue Mosque of Tabriz

The blue mosque was built under the orders of Jahan Shah during the fifteenth century. The inscription on the portal of the mosque indicates that the construction date of the blue mosque is the year 1465. The mosque was greatly affected by the earthquake of the eighteenth century. Tabriz authorities ordered the repair of the blue mosque in 1940 in order to protect the last vestiges. Finally the renovation was carried out in 1975 by the architect Reza Memaran. Although the current blue mosque is nothing more than a portal and some pillars, it is yet another proof of the wonders of this 15th century mosque.


Architecture of the Blue Mosque of Tabriz

The architecture of the Kabud mosque is considered unique by the tiles laid according to a geometric pattern and they are what make the blue mosque different from other mosques. For art lovers, this masterpiece of post-Islamic architecture and art must have an important place in the list of "places to visit in Iran." The tiles used in the construction of the blue mosque are cyan Moaraq and the calligraphic used are Nastaligh, Sols, Eslimi and Naskh.


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Blue Mosque of Tabriz

Blue Mosque of Tabriz


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