Negarestan Garden

Negarestan Garden is one of tourist attractions of Tehran, located in the heart of Tehran. Built during the Qajar era in the 19th century, Negarestan Garden was the residence of the kings of the dynasty. Currently the garden is a cultural-historical site where you can explore Persian architecture from the eighteenth to nineteenth century and the museum dedicated to the famous artist Kamal-ol Molk, real name Mohammad Qaffari, who opened the school of fine arts in the garden complex from Negarestan. Currently there are exhibitions of the works of Kamal-ol Molk and his students and his students' students. Currently the garden is a site with open pavilions, trees, canals, swimming pools, an open-air cafeteria and a good quality restaurant both from the "Rouhi" restaurant chain. The hallways of the pavilions are decorated with mirrors, chandeliers and gilded works.


History of Negarestan garden

Negarestan garden was built in 1802 under the orders of Fathali Shah who used the complex as his vacation residence. The coronation of the third king of Qajar took place in this garden. Later Negarestan garden was used as the headquarters of schools of agriculture, fine arts and religion. With the passage of time, Negarestan garden was where the faculties of the University of Tehran began to teach. The complex has survived many events throughout its history. One of them was the partial destruction of the complex after the fall of the Kayar empire in the third decade of the twentieth century. But with the acquisition of the garden by the University of Tehran further destruction was prevented and the preservation of the complex until our time was ensured.


Currently, Negarestan Garden is considered one of the tourist attractions in the center of Tehran along with Golestan PalaceMasoudieh Palace and Moghadam museum with which it has a distance of less than 2 kilometers.

During your visit to Tehran, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy visiting Negarestan garden, which is one of the elements of the "What to visit in Tehran" list and is also normally included in the tourist packages of Tehran and Iran, especially in Iran cultural tours. Although it is a historic site, normally Iran's tour operators such as Iran Negin Travel include Negarestan garden on their ecological trips to Iran, adventure trips to Iran, religious trips to Iran and, of course, experiences in Tehran.

Our cultural tours to Iran are mostly the option to explore the Negarestan garden and its great atmosphere.




Negarestan Garden

Negarestan Garden


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