Being provided with the opportunity to enjoy unbelievable silence through the most scenery Iran deserts is the most tangible element of “Desert excursion” tour Package.

Desert sector of your tour starts with Maranjab desert excursion and having overnight accommodation in one of the most ancient Iranian desert caravanserais, Maranjab Caravanserai. Later, Shahdad desert tour with the glorious Kaluts which is considered as one of the most mysterious world’s natural desert structures, is planned to be executed.

Furthermore, you won’t miss the UNESCO World Heritages and the most significant historical and architectural sites within Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd and Kerman.

The whole tour package is so flexible to be customized based on you exactly require to have through your brilliant Iran Desert Tour.

 Desert Excursion

Daily Activity: Arrival to Tehran.You will be met and greeted at the airport and transfer to the hotel to rest.

Overnight: Tehran

Daily Activity: Tehran city tour including: National Museum, Jewelry Museum, Golestan Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Carpet Museum, Tehran Great Bazaar

Highlights: National Museum- Jewelry Museum- Golestan palace- Carpet Museum- Tehran Grand Bazaar

Overnight: Tehran

Daily Activity: Morning transfer to Maranjab desert. Before arriving at Maranjab we'll visit Tabatabaei and Boroujerdi Traditional houses, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath & Fin Garden which is a world heritage site. Later we'll be transferred to Maranjab Eco Camp

Highlights: Boroujerdi House- Tabatabei House- Fin Garden

Overnight: Maranjab Eco Camp

Daily Activity: Desert activities (Sand hikings, Desert Safari & Camel Riding). In the evening we'll enjoy the beautiful sunset by listening to our favourite songs and make some photographies of the landscape we wont forget.

Highlights: Desert activities- Sunset at the desert

Overnight: Maranjab Eco Camp

Daily Activity: After an enjoyable sunrise watching In the morning we'll be transfer to Abyaneh village which is famous for its traditional houses and its colorful land. after having a good time in Abyaneh and experimenting the people lifestyle we continue our journey toward Isfahan. Right after arriving in Isfahan and before getting to the hotel, we'll visit the beautifull Sio-Seh-Pol (33 arches) Bridge

Highlights: Abyaneh Village- Sio-seh-pol Bridge


Daily Activity: Isfahan city tour starting in the morning.We'll start visiting Naqsh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage), Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Shah Mosque, Chehel Sotoun (44 Columns) Royal Palace, Aali Qapu Palace. Right before getting back to the hotel we'll visit another important bridge in Isfahan named Khaju bridge which is very famous for its special architectural design

Highlights: Naqsh-e Jahan Square- Chehel Sotun Royal Palace- Aali Qapu Palace- Shah Mosque- Sheikh Lotfollah

Overnight: Isfahan

Daily Activity: Morning transfer to Yazd. By passing by Nain and Meybod on the route we'll discover the Friday mosque in Nain and Narin Palace in Nain. Just getting to Yazd, we'll check in at the hotel. After that we'll explore the old part of Yazd which has been registered as world heritage recenlty, by walking in this beautiful walk-through.

Highlights: Narin Castle- Yazd Old Town


Daily Activity: Morning transfer to Shahdad Desert. We'll visit the Tower of Silence before leaving Yazd. Right before arriving to Shahdad Desert, we'll visit Shazdeh Garden (The most important part of Persian Garden registered as a world heritage). We'll have another great experience by watching the sunset at the awesome and infinite Shahdad Desert

Highlights: Tower of silence- Shazdeh Garden

Overnight: Shahdad Desert Camp

Daily Activity: After experimenting another good time in Kalut Desert by do some activities depending on our desires, we'll head to Kerman. Once there we'll visit Ganjali Khan complex and Gonbad-e Jabalieh

Highlights: Kalut Desert- Ganjali Complex- Gonbad-e Jabalieh

Overnight: Kerman

Daily Activity: We'll start our last day in Kerman by visiting the incredible Rayen Castle in the southwest of Kerman. after that we'll continue our journey to Bam by visiting this historical and unique city. After visiting Bam, we'll be transferred back to Kerman in order take the evening flight to Tehran

Highlights: Rayen Castle- Bam

Overnight: Tehran

Daily Activity:Transfer to IKA(Tehran International Airport). Departure Flight

Price:from $999

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