As a very interesting tour, through the Persian gem you will transport to the most touristic regions of the country, including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan and Kashan. It has been designed to show you the most outstanding monuments throughout the trip, in particular UNESCO World Heritages in Shiraz and Isfahan.

Persian Gem

Daily Activity Arrival to IKA (Tehran International Airport).You will be met and greeted at the airport and transfer to the hotel to rest.

Overnight Tehran

Daily Activity Tehran City Half Day city Tour starting in the morning. As the very first plan we'll visit National Museum, Golestan palace (UNESCO World Heritage), Glass and Ceramic Musuem, Tehran Grand Bazaar and Jewelry Museum. After the last visit we'll collect our baggages and transfer to the Mehrabad Airport. Evening flight to Shiraz.

Highlight: National Museum- Golestan palace- Glass and Ceramic Musuem- Tehran Grand Bazaar- Jewelry Museum

Overnight Shiraz

Daily Activity We'll start our first day in shiraz in the morning by visiting Nasir ol Molk mosque, also known as the pink mosque. Later we'll visit Narenjestan Qavam garden which is a beautiful garden with a unique glasswares and painting inside the building.  Zand complex is the next location we'll head to. This historical sites is composed by Vakil bath, Vakil mosque and Vakil Bazaar. The next sites is the Karim Khan Citadel which is almost next to the Zand complex.

Highlight: Nasir ol Molk Mosque- Qavam Garden- Vakil Bath- Vakil Mosque- Karim Khan Citadel

Overnight Shiraz

Daily Activity Our second day in Shiraz starts by our visit to awesome Eram Garden which is located a  little apart of the city center. Our next visits will be to the the tombs of the two famous and historical poems of Iran. At first visit will be the Sa'di tomb and the next one to the beautiful and poetical tomb of Hafez.

Highlight: Eram Garden- Tomb of Sa'di- Tomb of Hafez

Overnight Shiraz

Daily Activity The most important and most wanted day begins with our morning transfer to Isfahan. On the road we'll head to Persepolis which was the ancient capital of Achaemenid Empire and in 1979 was registered as the first world heritage of Iran. After this unique visit we'll head to Naqsh-e Rustam. After that we'll visit ;Pasargadae where is located the tomb of Cyrus the great. Right after we'll continue our road trip to Isfahan.

Highlight: Persepolis- Naqsh-e Rustam- Pasargadae


Daily Activity Our first day in Isfahan we'll begin by visiting the most highlighted site of this tour, Naqh-e Jahan Square (UNESCO World Heritage Site) which is the one the biggest square in the world.  We continue our visit to Ali Qapu Palace, Sheikh Lotfollah, Shah Mosque and Chehel Sotun (44 Columns) Royal Palace.

Highlight: Naqsh-e Jahan Square- Ali Qapu Palace- Sheikh Lotfollah- Chehel Sotun Royal Palace


Daily Activity In the morning we'll head to the Jolfa neighborhood  and visit the beautiful Vank Cathedral in the morning. Later we can enjoy our time by visiting two bridges named Sio-Seh-Pol (33 arches) bridge and Khajou bridge. After that we'll move to other part of the city in order to explore the Friday Mosque.

Highlight: Vank Cathedral-Sio-Seh-Pol Bridge- Khajou Bridge- Friday Mosque


Daily Activity Our day starts with morning transfer to Kashan. On the road we'll stop at the incredible village of Abyaneh. We'll experiment this visit by discovering its beautiful alleys and local people cutoms. Right after we'll head to towards Kashan. at first we'll visit Fin Garden (as a part of Persian Gardens) and the untold history it holds inside. Later we'll visit Tabatabaei and Boroujerdi traditional houses. As the final plan of the day we'll explore Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath.

Highlight: Abyaneh Village- Fin Garden- Tababatabei & Boroujerdi houses- Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath


Daily Activity Our last day starts by morning transfer to Tehran. After check in at the hotel we'll move to the northern part of Tehran (Shemiran) in order to visit Niavaran Palace which was the summer residence during the Qajar and Pahlavi Dynasty. Right after that its time for us to visit Sa'd Abad complex which is a huge complex within 300 hectareas of buildings and surrounded gardens built during Qajar and expanded during Pahlavi Monarchs. Right after and in order to have the opportunity to buy some souvenirs we'll visit Tajrish Bazaar.

Highlight: Niavaran Palace- Sa'd Abad Complex- Tajrish Bazaar


Daily ActivityMorning transfer to IKA (Tehran International Airport). Flight back home!

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