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Best of traveling Iran, Inside Iran (Trailer)

For a few years traveling to Iran has been a dream of mine - this year I finally pulled the trigger and asked my friend David to join me on a trip to the middle east to a country which doesn’t have the best reputation internationally…but we wanted to see it for ourselves after hearing many good things from friends who have visited before.

The trip to and through Iran ended up being one of my most memorable experiences ever - first and foremost because of the friendly locals and their hospitality but also due to the impressive sights and landscape we got to see. With this video and the following series I want to create a better understanding of the country and it’s people without focussing on politics or religion.

This video is the trailer for „Inside Iran“ - a documentary series introducing you to popular and unknown sights / things to do in Iran as well as the Persian cuisine and the super friendly locals we met on our trip from Tehran to Isfahan, Shiraz and Yazd. 

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