Mollabashi Historical House

Mollabashi House is a histoical residence registered as national heritage in 2002 and is located in the center of Isfahan, on Hasht Behesht street. The Mollabashi House or known as the Motamedi House (acquired by the Motamedi family in the past decade) includes works from the era of Safavid, Zand, and Qajar. Although the exterior and the patio are not surprising, but when entering the corridor to go inside the house, people are fascinated by the attractive decoration and architecture. Each of the rooms in the Mollabashi mansion has a specific and perfect decoration. The paintings, stained glass, mirrored walls, and writings demonstrate the architectural differences of the Qajar and Safavid eras. The Motamedi family dedicated more than 7 years to the restoration of the Mollabashi mansion to offer it to visitors.


History of Mollabashi historical house

Mollabashi House was one of the houses that survived the massive destruction during the rule of Zelol Sultan, the son of Naser al-din shah one of the kings of the Qajar dynasty in Isfahan. The Mollabashi house was acquired by the famous astronomer named Mollabashi who dedicated a great job to this house. In 2000, the house was acquired by the Motamedi family, which is why it is also called the Motamedi house.


Architecture of Mollabashi historical house 

The Mollabashi mansion is, in fact, a fascinating example of Iranian houses in Isfahan. Like other Persian houses and mansions, Mollabashi house is divided into two parts, the "Andarooni" or private part and the "Birooni" or exterior part. When the house was acquired by Mollabashi, the house had a five-door room and a Zemestan Neshin room (used during winters). With the purchase of the house by Mollabashi the rooms of Shah Neshin (Kings, or very luxurious) and the new room were added. We could divide the Mollabashi house into three parts:

The outer courtyard

The reform and reconstruction of the patio are more remarkable than other parts of the house. At the end of this beautiful patio there is a room (room) illuminated by the sunlight, which takes you to the street.

The Summer House (Tabestan Nehsin)

The patio is connected to a summer room whose walls are painted with paintings showing the names of the planets and the ancient months in Persian culture. This room has typical Zandieh architecture.

The inner courtyard

The inner courtyard of the Mollabashi House is where you can be fascinated by the art of the Safavid and Qajar eras and you can notice the historical aspects of a traditional Iranian residence.


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Mollabashi House

Mollabashi House


Additional Information

Opening Hours

09:00 - 17:00

Admission Entrance

300.000 IRR