Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral, Holy Savior Cathedral or Kelisaye Vank is a cathedral located in the Julfa district of Isfahan, Iran. It is commonly referred to as the Vank which means "monastery" or "convent" in the Armenian language. Vank cathedral was established in 1606, dedicated to the hundreds of thousands of Armenian deportees that were resettled by Shah Abbas I during 1603-1618. The construction of Vank Cathedral begun in 1606 by the first Armenians refugees and was completed under the supervision of Archbishop David between 1655 and 1664 according to the historical books.


Interior of Vank Cathedrak

The interior of Vank Cathedral is covered with frescos and carvings and includes a collection of incredible tile work. On the central dome is painted the Biblical story of the creation of the world and the expulsion of man from Eden. Above of the entrance you can find a delicate floral motifs likely Persian miniatures. At the top section of the murals around the interior walls you can find the story of life of Jesus, meanwhile the bottom section of murals shows the tortures suffered Armenian martyrs by Ottomans.


Courtyard of Vank Cathedrak

The courtyard of Vank Cathedral contains graves of both Orthodox and Protestant Christian which are placed along the exterior wall with inscriptions in Armenian. A tile work plaque written in Armenian can be seen at the entrance to the cathedral. Across the courtyard there is a building housing a library and museum.The library contains nearly 700 handwritten books and many unique resources for research in Armenian and medieval languages. The museum of Vank Cathedrak contains numerous artifacts from the cathedral and the Armenian community.


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Vank Cathedral

Vank Cathedral


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Opening Hours

08:30 - 17:30

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500.000 IRR