Jame Mosque of Yazd

Jame Mosque of Yazd or Masjed-e Jameh is another of Yazd's beauties built on 9800 square meters during the Ilkanato era in the place of a Sasanid era fire temple. The mosque is located in the historic center of Yazd a few steps from the Fahadan area. Jame Mosque of Yazd Mosque is famous for the unique design of the dome, the raised cover and the impressive work of the special tiles.


History of Jame Mosque of Yazd

Although Jame de Yazd mosque was originally a temple of fire of the Sasanida era, archaeologists indicate that the construction of the mosque took 100 years and was during the Ilkanato dynasty, when the dome of Jame mosque was constructed, the fire temple remained standing until years later. The design of the main hall indicates that the construction of the mosque continued until the era of the Timurid dynasty. The mosque was renovated several times and unfortunately it was not always performed in the best way.


Architecture ofJame Mosque of Yazd Mosque

The mosque is the great example of Azari architecture in the Persian empire. The quadrangle scheme of the mosque is based on the architecture of the Kaaba which is why it is a sacred and symbolic monument in Islamic architectural patterns. Jame Mosque of Yazd Mosque has a unique architecture which is based on 1 Iwan, 2 Shabestan (underground space), a spectacular dome and a large courtyard. The 52-meter-high minarets are the tallest in Iran, one of which has spiral staircases. This great work of art is not only summed up in the minarets but also in the bright blue tiles and the magnificent combination of brickwork.


When and how to go to the Jame de Yazd mosque

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Jame Mosque Yazd

 Jame Mosque Yazd

 Jame Mosque Yazd


Additional Information

Opening Hours

08:00 - 21:00

Admission Entrance

500.000 IRR