Tehran Time Museum

Tehran Time Museum is the only watch museum in Tehran. This museum is located in the Zafaraniyeh area in northern Tehran. Time museum is host to fabulous collections of antique clocks that work differently than the clocks we know today. The museum's location is interesting because it forces you to leave the city center to find yourself in the middle of a luxury neighborhood in northern Tehran. If you have a list of things to visit in Tehran and Sadabad Palace, Tajrish Bazaar or Niavaran Palace are one of them, do not miss the opportunity to visit Time museum as it is very close to these Tehran tourist attractions. You can access museum of time on Valiasr street, arriving by bus from the center or walking from Tajrish after visiting the Sadabad palace.


History of Tehran Time Museum

Although Time Museume was opened and opened to the public in 1999, this museum has been a museum of works of art since the 1970s. The museum building is estimated to have been built more than 80 years ago. Hossein Khodadad was the one who acquired the building to turn it into a museum of works of art. Since then collections of old watches have been gathering until now, which is a public exhibition where you can explore the wide range of watches from different periods and models.


Structure of Tehran Time Museum

Before turning to the fabulous Time Museum building, we would like to expose you to the entire complex. Once entered the complex you will find yourself in a large complex of 5 hectares with a large green garden with old trees where there are several models of the old clocks such as sundial, hourglass, water clock and etc., explaining the operation of each system. Now it is time to talk about the museum building of the time which due to the implementation of unique tiles and plasterwork has been registered as one of the great works of art in Iran. You would fall in love with the building's facade and plasterwork whose designers have chosen a mix of Iranian and European styles. Once inside the museum building, on the first floor you will discover the collections of mechanical clocks, torsion clocks, pendulum clocks and etc. The museum itself is a large collection of watches with different mechanisms, appearances, styles and sizes. In addition to the aforementioned, the weather museum has a very cozy cafe where you can spend an afternoon enjoying the atmosphere.


During your visit to Tehran, do not miss the opportunity to enjoy visiting Time Museum, which is one of the elements of the "What to visit in Tehran" list and is also normally included in the tourist packages of Tehran and Iran, especially in Iran cultural tours. Although it is a historic site, normally Iran's tour operators such as Iran Negin Travel include Tehran Time Museum on their ecological trips to Iran, adventure trips to Iran, religious trips to Iran and, of course, experiences in Tehran.

Our cultural tours to Iran are mostly the option to explore Tehran Time Museum.




Tehran Time Museum

Tehran Time Museum

Tehran Time Museum


Additional Information

Opening Hours

09:00 - 18:30

Admission Entrance

300.000 IRR