How to protect yourself during the Coronavirus epidemic?

How to protect yourself during the Coronavirus epidemic?

Nobody believed what we have seen in the movies about epidemics worldwide, and here it is! One of the situations in which our daily life is affected and we find ourselves in a horrible, stressful and overwhelming situation is the situation we are in now. For you who are an adventure fan and lover of traveling, this situation can be considered one of the most complicated because not only can you have a normal life as before, but you also have to forget to travel and cancel or, at best, postpone your trip. .

Being quarantined or not, according to the World Health Organization, the basic measures to protect you against the new coronavirus are the following:


Wash your hands regularly

Regular hand cleaning with disinfectant or soap and water for 20 seconds helps protect us against the coronavirus.


Keep your distance from people

If you come across people with a dry cough or sneeze, keep a distance of at least a meter.


Avoid touching your face

Hands can be often contaminated, so we should avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth.


Protect other people

The new coronavirus does not treat us all the same, some people with serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes and etc., are more vulnerable, so it is recommended to practice respiratory hygiene such as covering your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a tissue or elbow.


If you have symptoms, be responsible!

If you have some symptoms, even if they are milder, stay home and if you are very concerned, seek medical attention. In the worst case, if the symptoms get worse, do not panic and follow the instructions of the authorities in your country. Quarantine in 14 days is the measure recommended by experts.


Before and during the trip

Well, what if the situation in your country is not so serious? Well if you can travel you should have precautions and have the following tips in mind:


Do you have a cough or fever? Postpone your trip!

These days, everyone is not only responsible for their own health, but they must bear in mind that the responsibility of other people also falls on them. If you have symptoms avoid the trip and become one more member in the fight against the coronavirus.


Avoid danger zones

Danger zones have been announced by governments, there are currently many countries that are considered danger zones, but they will surely be extended to more countries. For your own health, that of your family and friends avoids the trip in general, but in the event that the destination is one of the danger zones, calmly ask for reimbursement.


Be extremely careful during the trip

If none of the above cases corresponds to you, take the utmost caution during your trip and try to maintain personal hygiene, distance from other people, etc. If at any time during your trip you notice that you have symptoms, do not hesitate to quarantine and notify the nearest health center or doctor.


In any case, have the utmost faith that in the coming weeks everything returns to normal and you will see that you have passed another test in your life. If you are in Iran these days do not forget that you can count on us. If you have booked your trip to Iran with us, you can simply request a refund or the modification of your travel dates.

The Iran Negin Travel team wishes you and your close people health and prosperity. We are here to take care of your travel needs and prepare you a fabulous trip to Iran.


Happy Nouruz and we hope to see you soon in Iran!

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