Iran Bazaar

Iran Bazaar

Bazaar (Market) In Iran

Bazaar a market (as in the Middle East) have a different kind of shops or stalls selling miscellaneous goods. There you can find almost anything you need for daily life. Bazaar is an important part of Iranian people life. You can find some famous and oldest bazaar in Iran they really worth to visit. Bazaar is something unique you can't find in the western world. Bazaar structure and architecture are a piece of perfect beauty.


Tajrish Bazaar, Tehran

Tajrish Bazaar one of oldest market located in the north part of Tehran. You can see a different kind of shops there and feel like a local in Tehran. You can find from species and fruits to jewelry and handcraft shops where you can enjoy the smell of fresh vegetables and fruits and buy some souvenirs.



Tehran Grand Bazaar, Tehran

When you travel to Iran, Tehran Bazaar is the biggest market located in the center of Tehran. There you can enjoy the experience by discovering the architecture, customs and rare traditional shops. During your visit to Tehran, you can buy some souvenirs in this Bazaar. You can also find Golestan Palace, National Museum and Carpet Museum nearby in order to find out about Iran and its incredible history.




Vakil Bazaar, Shiraz

Located in the heart of Shiraz and as a part of Zand Complex this incredible and unique Bazaar is where  you can find all kind of things old or new such as Many different kinds of carpets. You can get lost in the many allies at the bazaar and explore its beautiful architecture and glasswares and shops.  Its really  recommended to visit the other Zand Complex sights like Vakil bath and Vakil mosque just outside the bazaar.



Isfahan Bazaar (The Imperial Bazaar), Isfahan

This Bazaar is much recommended to be visited during your visit Iran. The Bazaar of Isfahan is a historical market and one of the oldest and largest bazaars of the Middle East located in the Naqh-e Jahan Square. This Bazaar links two-kilometer of street and contains many shops from species to handcrafts and beautiful carpets.



Bazaar of Kashan

The Bazaar of Kashan is also one of oldest and famous Bazaar of Iran so stunning and unique, you’d enjoy during your trip to Iran. The Grand Bazar in Kashan is simple, historical and beautiful.  You will enjoy every minute of your trip to Kashan when you visit this bazaar and other sites such as Borujerdi and Tabatabaei and other traditional houses nearby.