is Iran safe for travel?

is Iran safe for travel?

Is Iran safe for travel? Anyone, who hasnt been in Iran yet, would ask himself/herself this question, searching among news and social media if there's something he/she should know before making any decision.
Until now there has rarely been any kind of mistreatment or violent crime against tourists. According to our clients, some found it just as secure as the countries in which they live.

There's some cautions you need to consider when you visit Iran as when you travel to any other country:

  • Be aware of pickpockets
  • keep your personal items closed to yourself
  • Do not trust anyone when you travel alone. Always ask your friends to recommend trusted persons to you before your departure.
  • Due to the instability of the rest of the countries in the zone, its highly recommended to avoid traveling to Iran-Iraq and Iran-Afghanistan boarders.

According to our clients, the articles in the network and etc. the experience of the tourists always consists of having the opportunity to mix with the local people and experience their courtesy and kindness, to feel the security regardless of the nationality they have had or the place where they have visited in Iran and to bring with them a good memory of a country that not everyone knows well.