Religion in Iran

Religion in Iran

The most ancient world’s country (Iran) with 5300 years record, has been influenced by religious alterations during the whole history. Different tribes with different religions have been added a specific character to this unique country.


Iranian Religion

The majority of Iranians are considered as Muslims while the other religions are practicing in Iran with freedom. Religious orders has a key role within setting the governmental orders of Iran.

Sunni and Shi’i are the largest branches of Islam while the other branches are exist. The majority of Iranian people practice Shi’i while the majority of Arabian countries in the Middle East, as the regions embracing mass quantity of Muslims, are predominantly Sunni.


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Religious Tourism considers as one of the most appealing characters of tourism in Iran. This feature has been strengthened as Iran embraces the mausoleum of 8th leader of Shi’i and many offspring of Shi’i’s Imams.

While Iranian religious cities has the significant feature regards to these shrines, the other touristic infrastructures are available in the best possible status such as hotelstransportation systems and etc.

Religious propinquity between Iran and Friend and neighbor Arabian countries have made Iran a brilliant destination to visit both for recreation and Pilgrimage.