Seasons in Iran

Seasons in Iran

Have you ever thought about travelling to a specific region which can provide you all existing weather characters at the same time? Iran is this! Just imagine, while enjoying the great evergreen forests in the north of Iran, just by 5 hours driving you can refer to the hottest point of the earth.

When is the best time to travel to Iran?

No matter in which season you have decided to travel to Iran, as it’s possible to feel the warmest and coolest weather throughout the different parts of the country.


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Iran with 4 complete seasons

One of the most appealing characters of touristic destinations considered as having complete 4 season. It means that each 3 month has been allocated to a specific season with specific weather features. Iranian New Year starts with spring as the symbol of growth and blessing and ends in winter.


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Many ancient stories exists based on these alterations of seasons. The stories which has been justifying the reasons of these odd occurrence. Each single season has many items to mention which will help you through the selection of what to choose as the exact destination to travel.