Spring in Iran

Spring in Iran

Spring as the concept which causes greenery, revival of nature and joy to both people and nature, is considered as one of the most brilliant seasons in Iran.

 Iranian New Year in the beginning of Spring

Did you know that Iranian New Year (former Persian), starts at the beginning of the spring with many rare festivals and customs. Iranian New Year starts when the whole nature starts to revival and create spectacular sciences.

After passing 3 cold and in some areas mid cold months of the winter, the weather seems so pleasant during the summer in this lovely territory.The generous spring starts about mid- December and lasts about mid-June. 

Nowruz, the the most important Iranian festival

Nowruz is the most important Iranian festival which occurs at the beginning of the Iranian New Year at the same time with the beginning of spring. Two weeks of holiday is included in this festival and the people engage in the sweet customs of this appealing festival.


Based on the geographical regions and ethnic features each single part of the country has its own significant when the common point between all of them is beauty.