How much is the Iran visa fee

How much is the Iran visa fee

Due to the existing borders between countries, the visa issue is the first step for anyone who wants to travel to a destination. Traveling to Iran also require some steps which ones start with the Iran visa. As any other country Iran visa consists in various types. The fist you can notice about Iran Visa is that there's lack of information on the official website. About the process of applying for Iran e visa and its requirements.

Hereby you are provided with a full information about the process of applying for Iran visa and the fee you should pay for it. Below you can find the steps you need to follow to get your Iran visa:


What type of visa corresponds to me?

As we mentioned before Iran visa is also consists of different kinds of visa for those who wants to enter the country depending on the purpose of their visit such as Iran Entry Visa, Iran Tourist Visa, Iran Pilgrimage Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Education Visa, Temporary Work Visa, Transit Visa, Media Visa (Press Visa), Investment Visa, Marital Visa, and Medical Visa. 

Each of the mentioned types has its own requirements but as a tour operator our main focus is on Iran Tourists Visa through which the applicants who want to visit Iran can enter the country.  The requirement of Iran tourist visa is explained on our website. You can find out more about the requirements by clicking here!


 How to apply for Iran visa online?

To apply for Iran tourist visa, you need to fill the Iran visa application form on our website or send us an email and request our team to handle the process for you. The most important items to know before applying for Iran e visa are: 


- Having a valid passport with more than 6 months of validity when you would arrive in Iran.

- Having decided the location of picking up the visa (Iran international airports or any Iranian consulate in you nearby)

- Having a good scan of the first page of your passport and a color photo of the applicant with white background.

- Not having an entry or exit stamp from Israeli authority in your valid passport.

- Having decided the number of the days you want to visit Iran (including the arrival and departure day)

Once we apply for your visa, we should wait 3-5 working days to receive the approval from the authorities. After receiving the visa grant notice, we'll contact you to send you the file where you can find out about the approval and get prepared to travel to Iran!


Who can apply for Iran visa on arrival?

Currently most of the countries can apply for Iran visa on arrival or as we have mentioned before for Iran e visa. The excluded countries from this list are: USA, UK, Canada, Colombia, Bangladesh, Somalia, Iraq, Jordan, Nepal, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka which citizens have to apply for Iran visa in advance. 

Being eligible for Iran visa on arrival doesn’t secure your arrival to Iran as there would be airlines that would avoid your boarding and you need to understand that there're always a few chances to get rejected at the airport which means the loss of time and money for you for which we always recommend to apply for the Iran e visa and get the approval before your arrival to Iran.


Consular visa fee depending on nationality

The counsular Iran fee varies depending on your nationality. below you can find the actual table of consular fee updates on the date of today:


Nationality Fee/ Euro Nationality Fee/ Euro Nationality Fee/ Euro Nationality Fee/ Euro
Algeria 30 Estonia 75 Malawi 60 Senegal 50
Argentina 70 Fiji 55 Malt 75 Sierra Leone 120
Australia 145 Finland 75 Mexico 45 Singapore 75
Austria 75 France 75 Moldavia 70 Slovakia 75
Bahrain 10 Gabon 75 Mongolia 70 Slovenia 75
Belarus 25 Germany 75 Morocco 30 South Africa 80
Belgium 75 Ghana 75 Nepal 40 South Korea 50
Bhutan 30 Greece 75 Netherlands 75 Spain 75
Bosnia 50 Guinea 75 New Zealand 150 Sweden 75
Brazil 80 Guyana 60 Niger 45 Switzerland 75
Bulgaria 75 Hong Kong 80 Nigeria 55 Taiwan 100
Cameroon 60 Indonesia 45 Norway 75 Tajikistan 30
Chad 100 Ireland 75 Oman 75 Thailand 75
Chile 120 Island 75 Palestine 45 Tunisia 45
China 100 Italy 75 Panama 55 Turkmenistan 60
Croatia 50 Japan 60 Paraguay 50 UAE 100
Cuba 75 Kazakhstan 70 Philippine 55 Uganda 100
Cyprus 75 Kenya 60 Poland 75 Ukraine 80
Czech 75 Kuwait 60 Portugal 75 Uzbekistan 70
Denmark 75 Libya 30 Qatar 75 Vietnam 100
Ecuador 40 Lithuania 75 Romania 75 Yemen 40
El Salvador 60 Luxembourg 75 Russia 70 Zambia 70
Eritrea 40 Macedonia 50 Saudi Arabia 30 Zimbabwe 45


Hope the information helps you with your travel to Iran and getting the visa which we recommend to apply in advance and receive a complete support from our team.


See you in Iran!