Persian Customs

Persian Customs

Part I. Welcoming

 The population of Iran is composed of several races, each one different in its cultures and dialects. Most young people are highly educated and proud of their traditions and history and try to show their habits and lifestyle to tourists by inviting them to their homes and events.

All tourists are usually very welcomed and well-treated during their visit to Iran.



Part II. Nowruz

 The biggest festival in Iran is during March of each year when on it's 21st day, which is the beginning of the spring, the Persian all around the world celebrate Nowruz (literally new day).
According to the habits all Iranian family start to get ready from weeks ago by cleaning, renovating and sometimes changing their houses, buying new clothes and so on.
As all new years around the world the first day starts with the family visits and there's a large vacation days. After visiting all the family member its time to travel!
Its always great to experience the Nowruz being in Iran, but as you can tell, you have to plan your travel months ago in order to make sure of getting the best rates.


Part III. Yalda Night

 The first night of Winter is celebrated in Iran as its reflect the as the longest of the year and that from this night the days begin to elongate until the first day of summer.
This celebration is rooted in the habits of Zoroastrians who defined light (Good) as god and darkness as devil (Evil).
During this night, families and / or friends gather together for the evening dining together, taking grains of pomegranate, watermelon and nuts, and reading peoms books like Hafez Divan.
It is interesting to know that the next day the colleges and universities start with an hour late!

If you are in Iran between 19 and 23 December, you can meet local people and participate in this event.

Part IV. Taarof

 One of the rarest habits you face in Iran is the "Taarof" which means being modest. usually happens when you are accompanied and want to enter some place (shop, office and etc.) and the person who is with you insists that you enter first, if you do the same you can take a long time to decide who entered perimero! that is to say you enter in a magnifying glass that someone has to finish it. On the other hand, maybe when you meet a person, this person invites you to your house, do not be scared, it is what people usually do to show their sympathy, you can say no quietly since this person may just be doing a ¨Taarof ¨.
Our advice is to always assess the situation to decide whether to say yes or no.


Part V. Persian Food 

It is always important to know about the gastronomy of each country before traveling. Persian food is considered one of the attractions of this country, with which you can increase your level of pleasure during your visit to Iran. Persian food basically consists of rice, bread and obviously lots of meat. Vegetarian people do not have to worry because in Iran people usually eats a lot of vegetables!

The typical drinks are infusions, non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages of important brands such as those found in your country.

Do not forget to try the kebab along with a good infusion afterwards. If you like saffron and its taste you can also have it in some cocktails and infusions.



Part VI. Fire Festival (Chaharshanbe Suri) 

The Persians celebrate the last Wednesday of each year of their calendar. This celebration is called chaharshanbe suri or the festival of fire in which people usually get together in families and / or friends, make bonfires and jump over them and by doing this they try to ,symbolically, remove the problems and diseases of themselves and replace them with joys and health, to be prepared for the new year.
This event has its roots in centuries before Jesus Christ when the Zoroaster used to celebrate this event and used the fire as an element that kept away the evil. The fire festival has been celebrated in many countries like Iran, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and all Persian people all around the world.



As you have seen, you can never put limits on the activities that can be carried out in Iran.

Let us know about what you would like to do in Iran and we will plan it for you along with the itinerary!

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