Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region has been registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Sassanid Archaeological Landscape of Fars Region has been registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Located in the southeast of the Iranian province of Fars, these eight archaeological sites are located in three geographical areas: Firuzabad, Bishapur and Savestan. These are fortified structures, palaces and urban plans whose construction dates back to the first and last moments of the Sassanian empire, which extended in the region between the years 224 and 658 of our era. The sites include in particular the first capital of the founder of the dynasty, Ardachir Papakan and a city and architectural structures due to his successor, King Shapur Iº. This archaeological landscape, which is based on an optimal exploitation of the natural topography, testifies to the influence of the Achaemenian and partan cultural traditions and exchanges with Roman art, which had an important influence on the architecture and artistic approaches of the Islamic period .

You can find these locations as below:


-Qal'eh Dokhtar


Qal'e Dokhtar


-Investiture Relief of Ardashir I


Investiture Relief of Ardashir I


-Aradashir khurreh (gur)


Aradashir khurreh (gur)


-Ardashir Palace


Ardashir Palace

-Victory Relief of Shapur


Victory Relief of Shapur





-Sarvestan Palace


Sarvestan Palace


-Statuse of Shapur


Statuse of Shapur


On 1st July UNESCO has announced these new sights as new World Heritage Site in Iran. 

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