The celebration of Tirgan Festival in Iran

The celebration of Tirgan Festival in Iran

Ancient Iranian culture is full of celebrations and rituals that Iranian have been held on various occasions and in different seasons of the year. One of these rituals, which has been gradually forgotten, is the "Tirgan Festival". The celebration of Tirgan along with Nowruz, Mehregan and Sadeh is one of the most important celebrations of the ancient Iranians, which was held with special splendor.


In the celebration of Tirgan, special rituals are performed, such as sprinkling, jug divination, and arrow and wind bracelets. Water is very important in Tirgan festival and for this reason, this festival is usually held by the river and springs. One of the customs of this festival is to sprinkle water on each other to cool the air. Another ritual of Tirgan celebration, like many Iranian celebrations, is the fortune-telling. In this tradition, the day before the Tirgan festival, a girl is given a green and wide-mouthed earthenware jug called "Doleh". She fills the container with clean water and puts a green silk handkerchief over its mouth. She then takes Doleh to all those who have a dream in their heart and want to attend the ceremony. The girl then takes the dole to an evergreen tree and puts it under the tree.


On the day of Tirgan celebration and after the water sprinkling ceremony, all those who have thrown a thing in Doleh and had intentions and aspirations, gather somewhere and the girl brings Doleh from under the tree. In this divination, most women participate and the elderly recite poems aloud in turn, and at the end of each poem, the girl puts her hand inside the dole and takes out one of the objects. In this way, the owner of the object realizes that the poem read was related to her intention and desire. At the beginning of the celebration, after eating sweets, they tie a wristband called "Tir va Bad" which is woven from seven strings in seven different colors. Nine days later, they go to the high place like a rooftop, untie the wristband and abandon it in the wind to carry their wishes and desires as messengers.


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