Kashan is an ancient city which is considered as a part of Isfahan province. This city is located in central part of this vast territory, Iran. Kashan’s 220 km far from Iran capital, Tehran, and is 200 Km far from Isfahan, the capital of Isfahan province.

At the beginning of Islamic ages, Kashan hadn’t been mentioned as an extended region, but in later ages, regards to it’s great location through central Iran plateau and vicinity to the most important trade routes; It had been transformed as an important industrial center of the country. During Mongols invasions, the majority of the city had been destroyed totally; but through Safavid era many brilliant efforts had been done to make it an important trade center.



Brilliant historical sites of Kashan

Like many other Iranian ancient cities, Kashan has been maintained it’s glorious traditional urban architecture. This traditional architecture which have been formed through Safavid era and continued till Qajar era, have been caused the formation of many glorious monuments which are the most brilliant historical sites of Kashan nowadays.

Ancient city of Kashan has been covered by a tall wall. It seems interesting to know that entry and exit the city had been done through some gate with many guards. Urban zone was consist of 4 major parts including: Castle, Schools, Bazaar and the areas that people have been lived. Kashan bazaar, as the most highlighted monument inside the city, has had a great pioneer throughout the whole Safavid dynasty.


Great Boutique and Historical hotels in Kashan

As soon as rising the touristic brand of this ancient city, many tourists have decided to visit this memorable ancient city with it’s unique monuments, as a result, the whole tourism infrastructures of Kashan have had a great alteration in order to provide needed services with wide range of variety.

In terms of accommodation, the majority of hotels have been designed and constructed based on traditional styles. Many boutique hotels are possible to be provided to the tourists inside Kashan. Excursion through the ancient Kashan will let you visit a complex of rare Safavid significance in terms of architecture and urban constructions.


Kashan and a great desert

Based on the spot that the ancient Kashan is located, in the vicinity of Iran central desert, the whole concept of climate and also the weather of this city is considered as an arid one. Yearly amount of rainfall in this area is not that high, so the construction systems and the whole architectural systems had been designed to be accustomed with this type of weather.

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