Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh Garden (Known as the Prince's Garden or Bagh-e Shazdeh) is a surprisingly green garden that is located in the heart of the desert near Mahan in Kerman province. Shazdeh Garden is one of the historical Persian gardens built on a rectangular plan during the Qajar dynasty at the end of the 20th century. The Persian gardens are a set of 9 Historic Gardens in cities of Iran which are inscribed as the world heritage site under the name "Persian Gardens". Some of these gardens are Eram Garden in Shiraz , Fin Garden in Kashan , Dowlatabad Garden in Yazd and etc. .


The amazing case of Shazdeh Garden

Located in the heart of the desert and still so green, this is what surprises tourists who make the first step inside the garden. The most surprising thing comes next, to find Shazdeh Garden full of trees that give a long shadow due to its altitude, the puddles that flow everywhere in the garden and of course the perfume of the flowers that are everywhere. Shazdeh Garden pavilion behind the fountains is a pavilion built with a unique architecture where decorations and interior design are more reasons to dazzle visitors.


Water supply in Shazdeh Garden

As you have read before, the Persians implemented the Qanat technique which consists in obtaining the water supply from the ground floor by building several wells of different lengths until reaching the ground and providing the water to the surface. In the case of Shazdeh Garden, the same thing happens, in addition the existing natural slope is used in the Garden to enter the water to the top of the garden, taking it to the other side through the fountains and pools and thus watering the trees and flowers and creating the unique atmosphere within the Shazdeh Garden.


The best time to visit Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh garden, as already said, is a paradise in the infinite desert that surrounds it, so how can you guess the weather is dry and the temperatures are high for a good part of the year.Our recommendation is to visit Shazdeh Garden during the months of February, March, April, May, October and November when this garden receives many tourists who wish to explore the peaceful environment. During these months the Shahdad desert is also accessible and enjoys the best time of the year to enjoy a unique trip to Kerman.


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Shazdeh Garden

Shazdeh Garden


Additional Information

Opening Hours

09:00 - 22:00

Admission Entrance

300.000 IRR