Ideas For Adventurous Holidays In Iran

Ideas For Adventurous Holidays In Iran

Part I. Architecture and culture 

 If you have decided to travel to Iran to spend your holidays, do not forget that Iran is a huge country that offers many types of activities. the first of the top 10 is always culture and architecture. Due to the long history, tourists usually choose Iran to explore the culture and incredible buildings / monuments that exist throughout Iran. The Persian / Islamic architecture makes people excited during their visit to Iran.

Part II. Desert

Desert activities are the second most wanted activities by tourists in Iran. It can go from camel riding in the desert or safari to spend the night & sand hiking.
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Part III. Hiking and Trekking

Fan of trekking or mountain climbing? Iran is a mountainous country that you would love to try its mountains. Specially if you decide to travel to Tehran, the Alborz mountains and mount Damavan are the best options you have.Damavand, which is the highest Peak in the Middle East and the highest volcano in Asia, is the mountain climbers favorite. Don't forget to add this adventure to your tour and enjoy this unique experience during your visit to Iran.


Part IV. Ski

Tehran as the capital of Iran and the largest city with a huge large of facilities is the principal destionation for many tourists.
Its historical monuments and greats restaurants and hotels are not the only attraction to the tourists. Tochal & Dizin Ski resorts are the best ski resorts in the middle east and very tourists visit these resorts during the winter.
Can you imagine, Skiing in Tehran and water ski, diving, cable skiing or kite surfing in Persian Gulf during your visit to Iran? that's possible thanks to the climate variety of Iran.


Part V. Islands in Persian Gulf

 Not only the history and the greatness makes the Persian Gulf great, the sands, the clear water, the climate that especially during the winter, the people and their customs are very influential when choosing the islands of Iran in the Persian Gulf. 

Water activities are the main attractions for tourists, especially when they can feel the weather variation while traveling to all parts of Iran. The climatological composition of Iran makes it attractive for tourists. For example you can be skiing today at the Dizin resort or Tochal and tomorrow diving or water skiing on Kish or Qeshm islands!

Part VI. The Valley of Assassins 

As you know there're many historical sightseeing all around Iran. some of them are "close" to Tehran, which can be visited during one day.
The valley of assassins (Rudkhan Castle), which is a stone medieval castle located in Gilan provence and the Alamaout castle which is a mountain castle located near Qazvin city, are the perfect plan when you're visiting Tehran either for tourism or business. Keep in mind that visiting these two sights requires a grand effort.


As you have seen, you can never put limits on the activities that can be carried out in Iran.

Let us know about what you would like to do in Iran and we will plan it for you along with the itinerary!

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