Iran Air to resume direct flight from Tehran to Madrid after 17 years

Iran Air to resume direct flight from Tehran to Madrid after 17 years

We may have gotten used to bad news during the coronavirus pandemic, but for tourism, any activity can be a breeze of hope in this gray age in which those of us who offer tourism services struggle and bring cultures and people closer together.

Starting on September 2, the Iran Air airline will take us to the beautiful city of Madrid, the capital of Spain, with a weekly direct flight of less than 6 hours. With fixed schedule and with departing flights on Wednesdays, this direct Iran Air flight can already be a perfect solution for tourists who never liked the long trip on the plane and also with stopovers.

The aircraft assigned to this route is the gigantic new Airbus 330. The outbound flight from Tehran will be made under flight number IR730, departing at 9:50 from Tehran and arriving at Barajas airport at 14:15. The flight from Madrid to Tehran leaves Madrid at 15:30 and will land in Tehran at 23:50.

In addition to the aforementioned, the ticket for the said flight with Iran Air is much cheaper and the catering service is quite pleasant and generous. For those looking for even more comfort, business class is a phenomenon.

The direct flight between Tehran and Madrid was operated for the first time in 1980 and lasted 5 years. Later and in 1995 and due to the increase in trade between Iran and Spain, the flight was resumed and this time it had a great success until 2003. At that time the flight was carried out on Tuesdays and the assigned plane was a Boeing 747 because a large number of travelers with their final destination in America considered it the best alternative and the flight was always at least 70% of its capacity.

With the reestablishment of Iran Air's direct flights to Madrid after 17 years we are seeing a little more the light of hope.

As far as travel restrictions are lifted, do not hesitate to contact us to purchase your direct ticket to Iran from Madrid!

We hope to see you soon in Iran!