Iran announces visa waiver for Chinese

Iran announces visa waiver for Chinese

Very good news for Chines tourists who like to visit Iran!

Now traveling to Iran is easier than ever before. Chinese will no longer need Iran visa to enter Iran. No difference they are traveling in a group or individually. Iran aims to host two million Chinese tourists per year discovering our country's numerous tourist attractions. 

Another announcement who released earlier is the Iran government decision to not stamp the passports of foreign tourists to help them skip the U.S. travel ban. Recenlty Iran visa has been very easy for passengers who visit Iran. They can either obtain it in advance or at the airport.

 All these steps taken by Iran government are to increase the number of tourists coming to Iran and improve the revenue of this segment.

Another factor can be very effective to grow the number of tourists coming to Iran is travel packages’ costs that are more attractive than before. The reason is dramatic drop in value of national currency due to U.S sanctions that has made the cost of travel to and also shopping in Iran very cheap for tourists.

 Iran is a safe country with a rich history and culture.

A beautiful destination to discover.