The resumption of the Iran tourist visa from October 23

The resumption of the Iran tourist visa from October 23

With the start of the pandemic due to Corona virus, the issuance of Iran tourist visa stopped in April 2020, but business, study, medical and etc. visas were still issued non-stop. Finally, and after 19 months of stoppage, the Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization announced on September 27 that, with a review of the laws and the willingness of tourists to travel to Iran due to the massive vaccination in the world and in Iran and the control of the pandemic, the issuance of the Iran tourist visa will resume from October 23.

According to the new announcement of the National Crown Headquarters, the direct and indirect entry and exit of Iranian and foreign citizens by presenting a vaccine card, negative PCR test and following the protocols and instructions approved by the Ministry of Health and Education Medical will be unrestricted from October 23 of this year. These conditions do not apply to travelers to / from high-risk countries declared by the World Health Organization.I

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