Essential Farsi (Persian) Phrases and Words To Know When We are Traveling in Iran

Essential Farsi (Persian) Phrases and Words To Know When We are Traveling in Iran

When we are getting ready to travel to a new destination, this is really helpful to know some main words and phrases in their own language. Not only is it useful in various situations to handle our affairs, but also it helps us to socialize more easily with the local people there.

Moreover learning new languages even a bit, while traveling to other countries, and is an amusing part of a travel and a memorable part of the experience.

Farsi (Persian Language) is the main language of Iran (As you may know Iran is a multicultural country when the spoken languages can not be count with the fingers of two hands) with more than dozens of dialects.

Below you can discover the phrases and words that will be very useful when you are traveling in Iran.


  • Hello: Salâm  سلام
  • Goodbye: Khodâ Hâfez  خداحافظ   
  • Please: Lotfan  لطفا
  • Yes: Bale  بله
  • No: Nah  نه          
  • Good morning: Sob Bekheyr صبح بخیر
  • Good day: Ruz Bekheyr  روز بخیر
  • Good night: Shab Bekheyr شب بخیر
  • Thank you: "mersi  (مرسی)" or "mamnoon (ممنون)"
  • You're welcome: Khâhesh mikonam خواهش می کنم
  • Please: Lotfan لطفا
  • Excuse-me: Bebakshid ببخشید
  • My name is John: Esme man John hast اسم من جان است
  • What's your name?: Esme shoma chieh?  اسم شما چیه؟
  • Where are you from?: Ahle Kodjâid?   اهل کجایید؟
  • I am German: Man Almani hastam  من آلمانی هستم
  • How are you?: Chetori? چطوری؟
  • I'm fine: Khubam  خوبم
  • How much?: Chande? چنده؟
  • I want: Mikhâm  می خوام
  • Where are the toilets?: Dashui/Toilet kojâst?  دستشویی کجاست؟
  • Where is it?:  kojâst?  کجاست؟
  • I don't speak Farsi: Fârsi balad nistam  فارسی بلد نیستم
  • Can you write it down, please: Lotfan, mishe benevisid?  لطفا میشه بنویسید؟
  • It's delicious: Khosh mazeh ast  خوشمزه است


The following table can help you to find out more about Farsi letters, its characteristics and pronunciation

Farsi Letters